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(n.) a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life

A few weeks into the quarantine of 2020 my family of 6 had begun to tire of our quality time together and it was becoming more of what we call “forced family fun." While scrolling through Instagram I saw a photo of a “bell tent” filled with a bunch of friends sitting inside on plush sofa’s surrounded by cozy pillows, rugs, and blankets…and wine! Oh my, how I missed the days of enjoying wine with my friends. I knew I needed this in my life. 

My ideas for this tent went well beyond camping. I wanted this tent to be a way to finally start getting together with friends and family again. Being quarantined for 9 months had gotten very old! I missed hosting happy hours, before or after dinner drinks or just sitting around the fire pit in our yard with neighbors.

So, in March of 2021 we set up the tent in our backyard for the first time. We surprised my mom with a birthday brunch. It was the first family get together since COVID began 12 months before. The tent was warm and cozy with an electric fireplace, blankets, fuzzy rugs, and mimosas. It was the perfect start to all the events to come. 

It’s been a learning process for sure. I’m just a mom of 4 “kids” (3 in college and 1 in middle school) and we started this small business because I figured other people like me would want to have a unique spot to host family and friends in their own backyard. What I didn’t expect were all the different ways the tent would be used.  Glamping requests were immediate.  Teens loved the idea of a private sleepover in their backyard with a movie projector on the tent walls. Bachelorette sleepovers with the bridesmaids swimming, toasting champagne and roasting s'mores over the fire pit.  Mom's night out pajama party and pizza making. One of my favorites was a princess tea party for a special 5 year old. It even served as a romantic backyard getaway for my visiting in-laws. I love designing every event and try to make each one as personalized as possible. Now, as one tent has turned into two and we continue growing I absolutely love that others have embraced my vision.

The Swedish term Fika means a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. I hope at the end of the day each guest understands the meaning of Fika and for their stay was able to hit the pause button on work and life stress and just enjoy the moment.  

I would love to make your idea of Glamping unique. Reach out to me with your ideas and I will help make it happen!

Heather Burker

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