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Glamping FAQs


1. Do we need to book a venue or campsite reservation separately?

 Yes and no

  • Glamping Delivered on your property or personal site can be reserved through Suite Fika

  • Glamping at a HipCamp location can be reserved through Suite Fika directly.

  • If you have a campsite where you want us to set up just let us know where and make sure we are available before booking your campsite. 

2. How many people can fit inside the tent?

We are able to accommodate up to 6 people sleeping in the tent. The tent is able to fit more for lounging.

3. Can we rent more than one tent?

 Yes and no

  • For Glamping Delivered on your property or personal site we can rent more than one tent if they are available for that date. 

  • Glamping at a Hipcamp location can only rent one tent at a time due to county restrictions. 

4. We have private land we’d like to use for Glamping. Can you set up here?

Absolutely! Backyard Glamping is so much fun. Impress your friends with a unique place to relax, toast drinks and take photos.

5. Can we add-on extras?

Of course! We have a huge supply of furnishings, party supplies, serving-ware, etc. that we are happy to rent out. See our Packages & Pricing page for a list. We are always adding to our inventory so please ask if there is something else you need. 

6. I’m not great at party planning. Can you help?

Yes, yes and yes!!! This is our favorite part. For an extra fee we’d love to work with you to make your event extra special. We can even help with food/dessert ordering and delivery.

7. Do you set up and clean up everything?

Yes, we do! We want to make this as stress free as possible for you. We set up and pack down so you just have to show up. Just bring your own clothes, sleeping pillows and food.

8. How much space is needed for the Glamping tent?

We recommend 20ft x 20ft of flat ground. Reach out to us if you aren’t sure if your space will work.

9. Do you rent outside of Westminster?

Yes! Pricing includes delivery within a 20-mile commute of Westminster, MD. Delivery outside of this area is based on mileage. 

10. When is check-in/check-out?​​

Your check-in and check-out times vary due to your location and various factors, but you can expect to check-in no later than 2pm and check-out no earlier than 10am. 

We set-up and tear down between 10am and 4pm and we will send give you an Estimated Time of Arrival the week of your event. 

11. How does the in-tent projector work? 

Our projector shows right on the tent wall and connects to your home wifi to stream Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus etc. 

12. How does the Backyard Outdoor Movie work?

Our theater set up includes a 14ft. inflatable screen, a 4K projector and a Samsung sound tower speaker. The projector connects to your home wi-fi to stream Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus, etc. You can also connect to a computer to show content from your own device. 

13. Who chooses the movie?

We only provide the equipment stated in our package (Movie Screen, projector, speaker and Roku stick) and not the entertainment or media. 

14. Why can't you provide the movie?

The simple answer: Licensing. 

If you are hosting your own family outdoor movie night on your property, you won’t need a public license. licensing fees range from $250 to $500 depending on a variety of factors.  

NOTE: Suite Fika does NOT provide movie licenses and are not held liable to public viewings conducted without a license.

15. What if severe weather is expected? 

The canvas tent is 100% rainproof. If light rain is expected, we will set up your glamping experience as normal. We will not accept cancellations for rain. 

In the event that severe wind or lightning is predicted, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation with a full refund.

In the event that your party is cancelled  we will also gladly reschedule for an available date. 

Rain outs are called within 48 hours of the scheduled date. 

We don't want to risk putting any of our guests in danger. 

All rentals are unique and require different décor, travel and set up time.  Complimentary items may be given depending on specific design.

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